A’la Board

How a’la Board works

All of our products are dry erase and magnetic. People often ask how our calendars work. The months and numbers are all magnets, and they come with the purchase of the board. You just switch out the months, and move the numbers. Each of our calendars also includes a message area for notes to family members, pictures, recipes, invitations, etc. All of our frames come with a ledge to hold your dry erase pen.

Our children’s boards have a weekly calendar to help children with their own schedule. It helps teach them the days of the week, along with reminding them when they have soccer practice, or piano, etc. Under the calendar portion is a chore chart. Each pebble is a chore, as they complete the chore, they can move the pebble down, into the checked off area.

Our story

Two moms, two dads, four kids, school, gymnastics, piano, swimming, dance, and chores. Keeping it all organized was just too much. That’s why we created a’la Board! The calendars help keep our lives in check and look great in our homes! After countless failed attempts and months of product development, a’la Board fills a need that no other product fills. There is nothing else like a’la Board on the market today. All of our products are dry erase, magnetic and very stylish. We offer a variety of calendars, message boards, and accessories. We unveiled a’la Board at Swiss Days in Midway, Utah in August and sold out within hours. Families love our calendars and message boards just as much as we do. We are continuing to get a’la board into more stores in hopes of helping families find sanity in their busy lives.

Some of the boards shown on Studio 5:

Large Chocolate Calendar – Dressed with our fall package

Medium Sage Calendar – Dressed with our chocolate accessories

Small Paisley Calendar – Dressed with our orange accessories

Retro Bloom Kid Calendar – Dressed with our medium flower

Rugby Kid Calendar – Dressed with our wooden embellishments

Round Message Board – Dressed with our large flowers

Studio 5 viewers can get a 10% discount when they purchase through the month of September. If you go to the “About Us” tab on the website, you view the various boards. Then when you check out, use the coupon code “Studio 5”

You can find more on their website http://www.alaboard.com.

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