All About the Apples

Apple Beer

In the 1800’s Bavarian brewmeisters begin using beer-brewing techniques to create a unique non alcholic beverage made from Sicilian apples. This drink is known as “Fassbrause”.

Sometime during the 1960’s the makers of Fassbrause, allow their formula to be used in America for the first time. The beverage, still made from the same quality ingredients, is known as Apple Beer™. And now Apple Beer is made right here in Salt Lake City and has developed a loyal following among discriminating drinkers.

Apple Cider Gelato and Carmel Apple Gelato

One of our favorite ice cream spots is in Bountiful where they have created two special flavors for the apple season. The Apple Cider gelato is very low in fat, 100% natural, no dairy, has less than 1% fat and is made at the store using real apples blended with a perfect mix of spices. The Carmel Apple gelato uses 100% apples blended with caramel and nothing artificial. It tastes creamy but has no dairy and is very smooth. It’s dense because there is no air in the gelato.
make it there at the store use real apples blended with a perfect blend of spices

BELLISSIMO GELATO 535 W. 400 North Commons in West Bountiful

Apple Jack Rice Pudding

Pudding on the rice is a favorite spot for treats in Utah Valley, and their collection of fall flavors features one with apples. This is like apple pie meets rice pudding, two of the best comfort desserts around. The rice pudding has all the tastes of apple pie mixed in, but the best part is the topping. A pie crust-like crumbly topping is placed on top of the rice pudding.

Apple Crisp

Sometimes the best treats that have that homemade taste comes from of the out-of-the-way places. That’s what you’ll find at Just Desserts on Main Street in Kaysville. Their apple crisp tastes just like the kind your mom used to make. It’s old-fashioned and authentic with the crumbly topping. And it’s one of their most popular treats.

JUST DESSERTS 5 N. Main Street, Kaysville (801) 444-2377

Apple Fritters

One of the top bakeries in the Salt Lake valley has created a wonderful treat packed with apples. The apple fritter is one of the creations they are most noted for at Banbury Cross.

BANBURY CROSS 705 S 700 E, SLC (801) 537-1433

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