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When the US Women’s Team won gold, young girls everywhere reinvested in their dream to be a gymnast. But what should you consider before you sign your athlete up for fall lessons?

Dawn Johnson, Women’s Coach Team Director at All American Gymnastics, answers some common questions.

2012 Olympic Games may have ended…but the young women and men from All American Gymnastics are dreaming big. The Olympic fever has also begun for younger fans eager to learn gymnastics. Here are answers to some common questions parents might have, when signing up their kids for gymnastics:

1. What age can I start my kids in gymnastics and what is too old?

They can start as young as 18 months and clear up to high school age and adult tumbling. We offer a parent/tot class called Itty Bitty Gym as well as Gym Romper classes where toddlers and pre-school age children learn fundamental body movements. Children will learn to follow instructions and team-building skills. No matter what your age is when you walk through our doors there is a place for you.

2. Why gymnastics? What are the benefits

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport for kids. It develops:

· Physical: Coordination, strength, balance, flexibility.

· Life skills: builds self-esteem and confidence. & work ethic

· Plus, you either have your kids lying or jumping on the coach, either way get them off the coach and get them jumping and flipping at the gym instead.

3. Does gymnastics provide an added-edge for other sports?

There is no greater foundation for all sports than Gymnastics. The physical and life skills I mentioned earlier are the exact skills that any sport needs and no sport teaches that better than gymnastics.

4. Does All American Gymnastics have programs for both boys and girls?

Yes! In fact, All American Gymnastics is one of 8 gyms in the state of Utah that has a Men’s Competitive Team, and a successful one winning various Utah State Championships, producing regional and national titles and placing many on collegiate teams.

5. .What sets All American Gymnastics apart?

So what makes us different?

· Established gym – where we have been teaching and training for the past 35 years.

· A legacy of Champions: Endless State, Regional and National Titles

· Happy welcoming environment filled with positive reinforcement from positive role models.

· Collegiate Success: The All American gymnasts have been placed in universities throughout the country–many with full ride scholarships.

All American Gymnastics will also help “Turn the World Upside Down” for the National Gymnastics Day on Saturday, September 22, 2012 from 10-1:30 p.m. To build awareness of gymnastics by attempting to “turn the world upside down”. You can flip, roll, cartwheel, handstand, the possibilities are endless. Come enjoy the coaches dunk tank, bounce houses and slides, and more. All participants at the same time must go upside down in any form at 11:00 a.m. MST

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