All Things Tulips

Emily Corson, with Emporium Botanica at Thanksgiving Point offers some insight in how to arrange and care for your tulips.

Tulip Topiary: This darling topiary is perfect for fresh cut tulips from your yard and will make a beautiful arrangement for a tea party, baby/bridal shower or just because.


• Planters pot with drainage

• Soaked oasis cut to fit the shape of the pot

• Soaked moss

• Fresh cut tulips

• Small roses or hyacinth (optional)

Arrange soaked oasis in planters pot so it sticks above the rim approximately 1 “. Give roses a fresh cut and poke into oasis, making sure they are at least 1 ½ inches into the foam. Always use an odd number of flowers (1, 3, 5 etc.) when arranging. You can tie a ribbon around stems for decoration and to add support to the stems. Adhere moss around the base and fasten with pins or wire. If you have other small flowers such as roses or hyacinth you may fasten them to the base as well.

Tulip Arrangement: This is a simple, yet beautiful arrangement that will make any area stunning for up to a week.


• Fresh cut tulips, hyacinths, cherry blossoms, or really any blooming plant from your yard

• Floral tape (we like the clear kind, but if green is all you can find, that works just fine)

• Simple glass container

Place floral tape over the top of glass container in a grid-like fashion, leaving apx ¾” in-between each piece. Fill container with enough water that stems will have plenty to “drink” (water will need to be changed daily). Give flowers a fresh cut before placing in container. Arrange stems in-between tape grid and enjoy.

Tulip Bulb Care:

• Cut stems from the bulb

• Shake off any excess dirt

• Place bulbs in something that will allow them to breathe, such as netting or a brown paper sack

• Store in a cool, dark place until you are ready to plant in the fall.

Don’t miss the Annual Tulip Festival at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens going on now through May 2. For more decorating ideas with flowers and plants, visit the Emporium Botanica at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi,, (801) 768-4950.

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