Amazing Easter Eggs

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares some amazing Easter egg ideas.

Eggs can be boiled and decorated. If you wish to keep the decorated eggs for a longer period of time or will be using non-food safe paint then use blown egg shells. To blow eggs: take a sharp needle and carefully poke a hole in one end of an egg. Carefully remove a bit of the shell to create a small hole. Do the same to the opposite end making a slightly bigger hole. Use the needle or a wood skewer to poke the yolk inside the egg and pierce it. Gently blow through the smaller hole or through a straw, so the egg will come out the other end. (Save the raw egg in the refrigerator for cooking.) Rinse eggs shells in water and let dry. Holes can be covered with decorations or a tiny piece of white tissue paper and glue. If desired a ribbon can be knotted through and used for hanging.

Regular liquid or paste food coloring can be used to color eggs. Simply add ¼ cup of white vinegar to 1 cup hot water and add food coloring to desired strength.

Many natural food items can be used to color eggs. Check out this link for ideas:

Creative Egg Decorating Ideas:

• Spray eggs with chalkboard paint and let dry. Make designs on the eggs with colored or white chalk. Chalkboard paint can be purchased in many colors other than black.

• Sponge paint on an egg. Simply talk a small piece of sponge in a clothespin and sponge paint ink or acrylic paint onto egg.

• Decorate with strands of sequins or place individual sequins over egg.

• Wrap eggs with ribbons, trims, ric-rac, or lace.

• Adhere on tiny silk or paper flowers.

• Decoupage on photos, tissue paper, paper napkins, comics, newspaper, word strips, magazine images, wrapping paper, decorative scrapbook paper, cancelled postage stamps, maps, sheet music, sewing patterns, wallpaper, quotes, etc. Cover eggs with a clear lacquer or varnish to create a shine.

• Cover with glue and roll in glitter.

• Paint with acrylic paint. Splatter paint on egg for a fun look.

• Watercolor on eggs.

• Adhere dried or fresh flowers, leaves or foliage on eggs. Do this before dying and cover with a nylon and rubber band to hold item. Place in dye and then remove item to leave the imprint.

• Use stencils and paint.

• Adhere scrapbooking rub-ons.

• Cover eggs with fabric.

• Adhere strands of pearls or beads. Individual beads can also be used.

• Cover with buttons.

• Make thumbprint designs on eggs using ink.

• Dye eggs a deep color and let dry. Use a sharp pin or needle to scratch design in eggshell.

• Coat eggs in glue and roll in crushed eggshells, colored or regular sand, tiny beads, seeds, confetti, paper shred, etc.

• Use wax to make designs. Simply dip a toothpick in melted wax and cover. After dying, remove wax with hot water and rub egg with cooking oil to create a shine. This technique is called wax resist (pysanky) and originated in the Ukraine as a folk art way to decorate eggs. Another option is to dip complete egg in wax. Use toothpick to scratch in designs and then dye egg.

• Cover eggs in gold or silver leafing. Metallic spray paint or other special effects spray paints (webbing, marbled, pearlized, etc.) can also be used.

• Cover eggs in foil or decorative foils.

• Place pieces of wet crepe paper on eggs. When dry, remove the crepe paper and there will be color left on the shell.

• Adhere tiny candies to eggs.

• Create marbled eggs using oil and food coloring. In several containers add: 1 tablespoon cooking oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar and food coloring. Add water deep enough to cover an egg, mix the liquid in each container and rapidly lower the egg into it and remove. Gently pat the egg dry. Repeat the process on the egg using a different color(s). This is a very cool effect.

• Place rhinestones or jewels on eggs.

• Cover eggs with google eyes.

• Stamp on eggs using a permanent ink. You can also use embossing powder on eggs.

• Place stickers on eggs.

• Decorate with markers.

• Cut apart paper doilies and adhere the decorative motifs to eggs. Gold looks especially pretty.

• Cover eggs with alcohol inks for a cool effect.

• Use the eraser on a pencil to create fun polka-dotted eggs.

• Decorate eggs with royal icing.

• Make a mosaic on eggs using pasta, rice, dried beans, split peas, dried corn, wheat, etc.

• Wind eggs with string, yarn, twine, raffia, pipe cleaners, etc.

• Tie a charm around an egg.

• Wrap eggs in netting or tuelle.

• Place tiny punched paper shapes on eggs. Tiny shapes can also be placed inside blown eggs for a fun confetti surprise.

• Add felt or felt shapes to eggs.

• Cover eggs in feathers or fur.

• Cover eggs with glue and then flocking for a fuzzy look.

• Place rubber bands, stickers, tape, etc. onto eggs before dying. Let dry and then remove to reveal image.

• Make cute creatures from eggs. (Chick: dye or paint egg yellow and glue on yellow feathers, flocking or paper shred over egg. Add eyes and an orange paper beak. Bunny: cover egg in white flocking or fur, add paper or felt ears and draw on face. A tiny pink button would make a cute nose. Add a white pom pom or cotton ball for a tail. Lady Bug: paint red and add black dots. Add black pipe cleaners for antennae.) The possibilities are endless. Be creative!

• Paint murals on eggs.

• Decorate eggs and use as tiny vases or as place cards.

• Cover eggs with moss.

• Use crackle paint on eggs.

• Modeling paste can be added to eggs and textured for cool effects.

• Create tie-dye eggs. Method 1: place hard boiled eggs in a colander and pour vinegar over them. Dot eggs with a liquid food color and rotate colander so color streaks on eggs. Let dry slightly. Add another color on eggs and shake the colander. Let dry. Rinse with water and let them dry. Method 2: place tempra or acrylic paint onto a paper towel. Gently wrap paper towel around egg and swirl paint onto egg. Let dry. Continue with another color. Do this several times to create a tie-dyed look. Use bright colors.

• A fun way to decorate eggs using is using old silk ties or silk fabric. Check out this link for instructions:

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