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American Quilting: Unique Gifts

Amy McClellan, owner, brings gift ideas for everyone on the your list.

Here are some suggestions

As Time Goes By

This is a small pieced quilt that has three different border options. One is geared for the beginner, one for the intermediate quilter and one for the more advanced quilter. All the quilts end up the same size.

The fun thing about this quilt is that it has a larger, area in the center of the quilt where you can attach a wool appliqué piece. There are twelve different patterns for the wool centers. Each one is designed to go with a month of the year. For example, in January, you would hang the “frosty” onto your quilt; in February, the Valentine etc. You can spread out the cost as well as the work by stitching one piece per month.

This is a great project for any level of quilter and looks a little different than a standard quilt because of the use of wool with the cotton fabrics.

Quilt Kits

Quilt kits are the best part of the shop. American Quilting precuts many kits for you. They do a lot of kits that you can simply take out of the package and start sewing that very minute. If you purchase a “Squares” kit you will have a huge variety of fabrics and the squares will be cut and laid out in rows for you. This saves you hours and hours of cutting time. Quilts at the shop are always changing, so there is almost always a “new’ quilt. The kits are limited because of fabric availability and they always want to be creating new quilts. This means that every quilter won’t have the exact same quilt in their home.

American Quilting also cuts more complicated kits. These kits may be more difficult blocks to piece together, and they make it as easy as possible for you. The kits are well organized and easy to follow.

The shop has a lot of options for baby quilts. They have many young moms that make really beautiful quilts for their new babies.

They also offer the service of quilting your quilts for you. When you finish piecing the top of your quilt together, you can bring it back into the shop and we will quilt it together for you.

Love at Home

This quilt is an original design that gives you a lot of options in the same pattern. The pattern offers an everyday version of the quilt that is a large throw size. There is also the option to use the Christmas version and do holly leaves instead of regular shaped leaves. There is also a miniature version that is so cute. There is some appliqué on this quilt that can be done by hand or by machine. The best part about it is that the pattern is great, but at the shop we have kits for the quilts. Every quilter loves a kit. American Quilting always uses a huge variety of fabrics and cut them very efficiently. This is a more complicated kit, but of course we have many very simple kits for every level of quilter. Even people who have never sewn a quilt before could sew some of our kits.

Many of their patterns are designed by Amy or her staff. You will see things at the shop that no one else has. The “Love at Home” quilt is one of these original patterns.

Marking pencils

American Quilting carries a line of marking pencils for fabric that wash out or erase. They come in 5 different colors and are refillable. The variety of colors makes them great with any color of fabric you wish to mark on.

Log Cabin Ruler

This is a ruler that is new to the shop. It takes all the measuring and thinking out of the cutting portion of a log cabin quilt block. This is one of the staff’s favorite blocks. This ruler will be highlighted this January to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.


Classes are the best way to learn something new. It is really fun to take a class and meet new quilting friends. Many of our classes are designed to learn a specific skill or finish a certain project. Even a “brand new” quilter will find success by taking a class. Sometimes a class will be held only one evening, others are once a month. Their new classes will start in January. The class schedule will come out between Christmas and New Years.


Aprons are fun and cute. All the customers that come into the shop love them. They make you feel a little nostalgic and wearing an apron just makes you happy. They are very popular right now in every age group. Picking out the fabrics for an apron is really fun whether you pick an old fashioned print or whether you choose something with a more modern feel.

Small project kits

Small projects are always a great idea. They don’t seem as overwhelming as sewing a large quilt. They really have a lot of small project ideas that are usually available in a kit. That way you can make a small project to give as a gift or give the kit to that special friend who loves to sew. Some of the ideas they have had this season are holiday ornaments, a wool Nativity, table runners, paper dolls (that are really fabric) and many other great ideas.

The greatest thing American Quilting is that they can help you visualize that quilt or project. The staff is very knowledgeable and more importantly friendly and helpful.

Visit American Quilting in Orem at 834 South State or you can call at (801) 802-7841 or go online at

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