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A handmade gift is always better than store-bought, but who has the time?!
Cony Larsen from Ammee’s Babies has the solution: Baby blankets, hats, and other crochet projects you can finish in one day!

Three years ago, I viewed a documentary on newborns in Honduras that were sent home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper after the country had been devastated by severe flooding. I wanted to do something to help; my husband suggested I make crochet blankets to donate; I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Crochet blankets would take too long to make.

I needed a new product and a new company! Ammee’s Babies was born. Our concept: sell a product consumers would love to make and gift, and use part of the proceeds to donate blankets for babies, a win-win situation! We would be committed to make a difference in the way a newborn begins life.

As a busy mother and grandmother, I often found it was difficult to find time to crochet an entire project. I knew other women were in the same situation. Our product needed to be unique, high quality, and quick and easy to finish. That’s why I chose Hemstitching. I had been hemstitching for a couple of decades and loved it. It was the perfect creative outlet for busy women! They could finish a blanket in a day, a great beginners project!

What is Hemstitching? Hemstitching dates back to the 1900s. A machine is used for perforating holes along the edge of the fabric allowing a crochet hook to go through the holes easily, making it ready to edge with crochet.
Our customers love us because: our blankets are roomy; no need to punch holes by hand; double sided for better absorption and durability. No trimming or prep time necessary. We offer a Manufacturer’s money back guarantee, fast shipping; a tight privacy policy and VIP discounts.

Our Milestones

2009 – Ammee’s Babies LLC is established in Orem, UT.

2010 – Ammee’s took on another cause, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). This was a close and personal challenge in my son’s life. We introduced self-published pattern books to Crochet on the edge. A portion of the sale of the books would be used for this new cause. They were a hit! We were able to help our first couple with some of the IVF expenses the insurance company did not cover.

2011 – Fox Chapel Publishing requested a license to be our publisher. I’m happy to introduce our first two titles released in the summer of 2011: Crochet Bouquet, and Just Like Me.

2011 – Ammee’s Babies is invited to attend Country Living Magazine’s “Pitch Your Product” in Atlanta, GA.

2012 – Fox Chapel Publishing releases our newest title: Crochet Undercover – Quick-and-easy Hats for Your Little Superheroes.

What’s Next?

We will release two new titles within the next 3 months, On The Edge Crochet and Sugar & Spice; we will continue to provide more jobs for Americans, more blankets for babies, and more hope for IVF couples. “Together, we can make the world a little softer and warmer for newborn babies, AND their parents.

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