Apple Butternut Squash Soup

This creamy, flavorful soup is the perfect fall weather remedy.

Marguerite Henderson shares how to make this yummy meal.

Apple Butternut Squash Soup
4 tablespoons butter
1 medium onion, chopped
4 cups fresh butternut squash cubes (1” pieces)
2 Granny apples, peeled, cored and cut into 1” cubes
4 cups chicken broth
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon ground pepper
1 cup half and half
Garnish: sour cream, chopped green onions

In a large saucepan, heat butter. Saute the onion until soft, about 2-3 minutes. Add the squash and apples.

Cover; simmer on low for 2-3 minutes. Add the broth, curry powder, salt, sugar and pepper. Cover; simmer on low heat for 30 minutes until the squash has cooked through and is tender. Transfer to a blender, food processor or use an immersion blender to puree the soup (do this in small batches if using blender or processor).

Transfer to saucepan, add the half and half and simmer the soup for another 2 minutes on low just until heated through. Serve with a dollop of sour cream and chopped onions.
Serves 6-8.