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Appreciate your summer experience! 5 ways to close out the season with confidence

Don’t let regret undermine your summer experience.

We’re getting one step ahead of the summer regret and closing out this season with confidence. So, before we quickly transition into fall, let’s take a mindful moment to appreciate our summer experience.

Author and speaker Connie Sokol shares five questions you can ask yourself as this summer season comes to a close.

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5 Ways to Appreciate Your Summer Experience

As the summer vibe is melting into back to school, we can take a minute to transition and get closure on what we experienced and became. A few reflective questions to help us make that transition successfully and meaningfully.

Bonus: I encourage you to do this personally AND then do this as a family–the answers might surprise you.


Different sports schedules, going on trips, in tight spaces or traveling in a car, being with difficult family members, all of these can be realities. But the LEARNING AND BECOMING is what we may not realize as the most important part


Don’t discount the experiential learning–these are the ones kids remember


Vital we don’t stop growing over summer as moms, even while we focus on our kids


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