April Gardening To-Do List

Studio 5 Gardening Contributor Darin Engh outlines the April Gardening To-Do List.

• Plant cool-season annuals

• Plant summer-blooming shrubs and vines

• Be prepared for Earth Day! What’s your favorite tree?

• Plant spring blooming trees

• Plant needle-leafed evergreens

• Plant a fruit tree

• Plant new garden roses

• Be sure to water all newly planted flowers and shrubs. Deep soak trees and shrubs if rainfall is inadequate.

• Don’t forget to fertilize the lawn. Apply Crabgrass Preventer.

• Now is a great time to seed a lawn or fill-in bare patches.

• Sew a new row of cool-season vegetables, such as spinach, peas, carrots, onions, radishes.

• Plant raspberries and strawberries.

• Spring frosts may zap emerging foliage, but the plant will rebound. You can remove the wilted leaves, but wait to do any pruning on woody perennials, shrubs and trees until new growth emerges later this spring. To decide where to make the cut, scratch stems to check for green tissue beneath the bark.

• Welcome Spring by planting your containers with frost-tolerant annuals & perennials

Signature Plants for Spring

• Forsythia

• Flowering Cherry

• Flowering Plum

• Redbud

• Columbine

• Calibrachoa

• Stock

• Ranunculas

• Violas

• Anemone

• Nemesia

For more information, you can contact Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or online at www.enghgardens.com

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