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Are you a dabbler? Here are 3 ways to gain traction in your life

Have you ever taken a class and then completely forgotten all the skills you learned? If you are someone who commonly fails to see things through, you might be a dabbler. You have the motivation, but you also have the excuses. We all fit that mold to an extent, so we brought in an expert for solutions.

Connie Sokol shares how we can break out of the dabbling zone. These three strategies will help you gain traction and shift your gears up a level.

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Are You Stuck in the Dabbling Zone?

Are you searching for how to make a life shift, but ending up in neutral? Stop being a dabbler and start gaining traction with three key tips.

1. Get clarity

  • Clearly envision what shift you want to make. It shouldn’t be vague, like “I should,” “I want to,” “I’ll try to.”
  • Find your purpose. What you’re to do at this season of your life. Then focus on the vision, feeling, and details of what that looks like.

DO: My purpose is… Brainstorm different words that come to mind.

DO: Create a Meditation Movie–see it in your mind’s eye before bed and first thing when you’re awake. Or, write down your shift in the positive 15 times a day.

2. Get honest

Be real about what keeps you stuck.

  • Is it apathy, lack of a plan, fear, needing support and accountability? Identify the biggest obstacle to your moving forward.
  • Choose one SIGNIFICANT step to shift the gear (contact a person, register for that program, ask that accountability partner). Making a specific “accountability appointment” with another person can increase your chances of success by up to 95%.

3. Get traction.

  • Stop hopping from conference to class to workshop. Choose your next step, then be ALL IN and create traction for that compound effect/results. Talk to your family for help, create a schedule, and plan for success.
  • Create a supportive environment for your goals.

“In an ‘enriched environment’ you’re fully present and absorbed in what you’re doing, whether that’s highly demanding work or rejuvenating recovery. Your environment has been proactively optimized to enable desired behavior.” –Darren Hardy

  • Choose a positive tracking and reward system that keeps you progressing.