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The Art of Floral Arranging: Gather from the garden for pretty flower centerpieces

Use these floral arranging tips to create pretty summer pieces for your home.

We’re diving into the art of flower arranging, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Lauren Oviatt shares shares how to create stunning centerpieces right from your own garden.

Find more inspiration from Lauren at laurenoviatt.com.


The Art of Floral Arranging

Get ready to dress up your summer parties and bring some color and freshness into your home without breaking the bank.

The best part? These arrangements feature flowers you can grow yourself or easily find around your neighborhood. Lauren is all about making it easy, casual, and full of natural beauty.

She reminds us that this flower movement is all about enjoying the little things and bringing the outdoors in. So why not elevate your everyday with some lovely blooms that smell divine and add joy to your life?

Now, let’s talk flowers! Lauren has curated an assortment of locally grown blooms, from iceberg roses to sunflowers and lilacs. The color palette is neutral, with occasional pops of color for that perfect touch.

The key to a great arrangement is finding the right vessel. Lauren suggests starting small with a cylindrical vase, like a five-by-five inch one. This will help you create volume and texture as you build your centerpiece.

Don’t worry if you’re not formally trained in floral arranging. Lauren shares how to create a simple grid using clear floral tape, which gives structure to your arrangement. Start with greenery as a framework and then add in your star flowers for that wow factor.

Lauren’s arrangements are all about balance and texture. Mix big and small blooms to create interest, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes. The key is to keep it low and controlled for that sophisticated touch.

Lauren even dips into the vegetable garden for some arrangements. Adding kale into an arrangement of tulips adds another level of texture and complexity.

Remember, there are no strict rules—just go with what feels right and brings you joy. Turn your creation as you go to make sure it looks fabulous from all angles. By the end, you’ll be admiring your masterpiece and feeling proud of your newfound flower arranging skills. Give it a try and celebrate the beauty of summer right in your home.

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