Artwork for Less

Family artwork, by Ganel-Lyn Condie


1. Sketch paper pencils and crayons

2. Canvas of needed size (don’t go too small, err on the side of oversized); 40% coupons at craft stores make it a reasonable cost point.

3. Brushes for every family member

4. Semi gloss wall paint to coordinate with furniture
Acrylic Craft paints with polyurethane spray satin or gloss

5. Framing materials

6. Tarps


1. Before starting your family art project decide what “style” of art you want or need. Visit an art museum or Ikea to see the variety of art sold there. Catalogs can give some great food for thought.

2. Do the project in 2 nights.

3. 1st Night – sketch and dream! Give each family member a paper a crayons and pencil – sketch and color. Give permission to sketch anything.

4. Mom or Dad take all the sketches and combine them into a unified presentation. It is easier with modern art to make random symbols and shapes come together into a unified presentation. One person will sketch with pencil the final combined image.

5. 2nd Night – lay down tarps. Equip everyone with a brush. You can paint together or in shifts. Make sure you have fun.

6. Finalize with small touches. Take some time to quickly touch up and smooth rough edges over. Then after paint has dried cover with a light coat of semi gloss or satin polyurethane clear for shine.

7. Framing supplies are optional. Depending on the size of your canvas framing options vary. For larger canvases small strips of wood work great.

Fabric Wall Panels


1. Stretched canvas; available from craft & art supply stores

2. Fabric; cut about 1 ½ larger than the canvas (Note: Calico Corners is a great resource for bold, modern prints)

3. Staple gun

4. Scissors


1. Cut fabric to size; ideally you want about 1 ½ inch overhang.

2. Iron fabric and then position canvas face-down.

3. Use a staple gun to tack fabric down, stapling along one long edge. Pull tight and move
to the other side and repeat on the shorter edges.

4. Cut off any extra fabric that hangs over the edges of the frame.

5. Finish the corners by wrapping and tucking as you would a present and staple any stray
pieces into place.

Baby Boy Frame, by Stampin’ Up!


1. Very Vanilla textured card stock

2. Baja Breeze Patterns Designer Series paper

3. Small Chocolate Nursery Necessities Décor

4. Kiwi Kiss 5/8″ striped grosgrain ribbon

5. Linen thread

6. Button Bouquet

7. Frame


1. Adhere Baja Breeze Patterns Designer Series paper to Very Vanilla textured card stock,
and insert into frame.

2. Apply Décor Elements vinyl to front of glass.

3. Tie linen thread through Kiwi Kiss button, and adhere to glass.

4. Tie Kiwi Kiss ribbon to frame, and hang from ribbon.

You can purchase supplies for the Baby Boy frame from Stampin’ Up! For more information on their line of products including their vinyl Décor Elements, you can visit them at

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