Authentic Looking Faux Brick

Professional artist and author, Suzy Eaton shares her ideas to create faux brick.

First I paint the whole wall whatever color I want the mortar to be, usually a shade of gray or light tan.
Once that is dry, I figure out how big I want the stones and, using a measuring tape and a level, draw them on. On this particular wall I made the stones 16″
wide and 8″ tall.

Next I pour two shades of lighter color paints into the same tray. It doesn’t matter if they mix since I will be dabbing the roller into both of them at the same time anyway. I roll that on and start forming the block, trying to stay about 1/4″ from my pencil lines. For this type of stone I don’t tape off the blocks, because I want a more jagged, broken edge.

Next, I mix four different colors of paint with glaze. (One part paint, to one part glaze) These are the stone colors and in this case are different shades of peach, terra cotta, brown and tan.

I put some of each color on a paper plate, again allowing the colors to run together a bit.
Using a damp sea sponge, I start to apply to colors randomly to each stone, making sure there is a variety of color and each stone is different.

Once this is dry, using another sea sponge, I white wash the wall with a shade of off white paint, this tones down the wall and makes it look a bit aged.

Next, to add dimension. I take a small amount of brown paint, and water it down quite a bit and shade the blocks. Considering a light source, I pick two sides of the block, usually the right side and the bottom and add shadow.
Then finally, to add more dimension and age….and this is completely optional.

I take a putty knife, dip it in the off white paint, then the gray paint and drag it down the wall, usually near the top and sides of the wall.

You can find more information on Suzy’s techniques in her book, Whisper Painting, or you can see more ideas on her website,

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