Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Avoid Summer Learning Loss

Studies have shown that while school is out for the summer most children experience a loss of learning. Skills that were taught during the school year are lost and need to be retaught again in the Fall. You can help your child avoid this frustration and give them a chance to get ahead with a summer learning program. Utah Idaho Supply carries a number of impressive programs that will help you keep your children busy and engaged in learning.

Mary Margaret Pingree with Utah Idaho Supply, shares some fun ways to help kids continue learning throughout the summer.

Summer Bridge Activities (Each book is $14.95)

Summer Bridge Activities is designed to help children review what they learned in the grade they are leaving and introduce them to concepts and skills they will learn the following school year.
Summer Bridge Activities is the original workbook series developed to help parents support their children academically during the summer months. While many other summer workbook series are available, Summer
Bridge Activities continues to be the series that teachers recommend most.

Key Features
• Very easy for both parents and children to follow
• Cover a variety of subjects including: reading, writing, math,
grammar, reading, and fitness.
• All grade levels are age appropriate
• Skills Matrix showing what your child will learn on a daily basis
• Flash Cards
• Incentive Stickers
• Bonus Materials
• Reward Certificate

How does it work?
• The books are broken up into days.
• There is a introduction at the beginning of each section and a place
to set goals.
• Most days consist of 2 pages worth of worksheets.
• Answers are found in the back of the book.
• A certificate of completion is found in the back.

Summer Fit (Each book is $12.95)
Be Smart by staying on top of classroom skills in reading, writing, math and language arts.
Be active by using a daily fitness schedule to keep moving.
Stay cool this summer by learning the importance of kindness, respect, honesty, and responsibility.

Keeping brains thinking and bodies active during school breaks is entertaining and engaging with Summer Fit workbooks and online games and activities.

Created by educators, fitness trainers, and parents, Summer Fit activities focus on key areas of child development, including academics, physical fitness, and core values.

Key Features
• Emphasis on exercise (Including a fitness index)
• Emphasis on eating and nutrition
• Emphasis on core values and good character; Honesty, Compassion,
Trustworthiness, Self Discipline, Kindness, Courage, Respect,
Responsibility, Perseverance, and Friendship
• Balance between screen time (TV, computers, games) and reading books
• Large Icons are used to represent different skills; Mind, Body, Values, Aerobic, Strength, Sport
• Free online downloads
• Incentive contract between the parent and child

How does it work?
• The books are broken up into Weeks
• There is a “Let’s Get Started” section and “Incentive Contract” that identify and introduce the skills that will be focused on.
• Most days consist of 2 pages worth of worksheets.
• Answers are found in the back of the book.
• A certificate of completion is found in the back.

Summer Express by Scholastic. $14.95

Summer Express provides engaging and fun activities for essential practice in math, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. The program is divided into 10 week-long skill-boosting units with two practice pages for each day, Monday – Friday. The first five weeks review and practice skills learned in the previous grade. Weeks six through ten help kids ease the transition from one grade to the next by reinforcing and building on already mastered skills. And it all comes from the most trusted name in learning, Scholastic.

Inside each Summer Express book are:
• Over 100 full-color practice pages
• Tips and tools to help parents and encourage children to be excited
about summer learning
• Incentive charts with stickers to motivate all learners
• Fun and easy extension activities
• Reading lists
• Answer key for every activity
• Certificate of Completion

For more info on Summer Learning Books go to www.uisupply.com

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