Baby Step Your Way To Change

Professional Life Coach, Tiffany Walke Peterson, says taking baby steps can actually speed up the change process.

We all know the experience of setting grand New Year’s Resolutions or inspired, new goals….we also know the experience of overwhelm, frustration, or stress of “how to” actually achieve those same goals or resolutions, right?


To get you out of overwhelm and into ACTION, let’s focus on three simple strategies that will support you in achieving your largest to your smallest goals.

Tip #1 – Begin with the end in mind. As you daily, weekly, and/or monthly focus on the goals or changes you’re wanting to achieve, check in each day with what the end result looks like, feels like, and why this goal or change matters to you. I encourage you to take 3 to 5 minutes every morning to connect to your desired outcome. As you do so, focus on what it feels like to have achieved your goal and the purpose or reason behind this goal. This process is called “Visualization” and it is the most powerful and potent success strategy to increase greater momentum and speed with your results. It also keeps you “checked in” during the change process.

• Example: Goal is health or fitness. Completing a    marathon. Losing weight.

• Each morning you focus on what it feels like AFTER    your workout that day, connecting to the feelings of    confidence and improved energy. You see yourself    crossing that finish line or wearing the swimsuit    with confidence. You see yourself with high energy,    patience, and happiness as you interact with your    kids and participate more fully in life. Again, you’re    connecting to the feelings and the purposes behind    pursuing this goal or change in the first place.

Tip #2 – The 15 Minute Rule. As you approach any goal or project, commit to working on it 15 minutes a day or at least 15 minutes a few times a week. Rather than allow overwhelm to set in of how you’ll find time to write your book, get organized, or learn that new language, commit to a consistent habit of 15 minutes into your daily life. We all have 15 minutes. And when it feels doable, it is likely to get done. Again, overwhelm, puts you into procrastination mode, whereas the 15 minute rule gets you into action. As you consistently spend 15 minutes a day working on your goal or project, you will see great progress come to you quickly!

Tip #3 – Accountability Buddy. Enlist a friend, mentor, or coach in the support of your desired changes or goals. Partner up and share your goal(s) and then have a weekly designated time to check in with them on your progress. Ideally they are working on some of their own goals too. Accountability will help you to keep the focus on your goals and keep you moving forward even when you may not feel like it. When left to ourselves we may fall prey to the “I’ll do it later” temptation. I’ve heard it best said that, “The Fortune is in the Follow Through.” Accountability will significantly increase your odds of follow through in your life and add some valued support during the change process.

When it comes to pursuing change and your desired results, the most important thing is to get into action and to stay in the game. No matter how small or limited the action may feel or seem to you, keep taking action. As you implement these simple tips, you too will meet your goals with success.

Good Luck!


Tiffany Walke Peterson is a Success Expert, Speaker, and Coach, focused on inspiring individuals and organizations in creating lasting change and stellar results by applying proven success strategies and systems. To learn more about Tiffany and her programs, visit

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