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Bringing Back the Café Curtain: How to use this trend with your modern home décor

The café curtain is back with a little modern twist.

Not sure what a café curtain is? The visual will jog your memory. Think of what was popular in the ’80s and ’90s. Café curtains are making a comeback in modern home décor!

Geeta Buckley, from Uptown Drapes, share how to pull this charming trend into your modern home.

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How to Do a Café Curtain in Your Home

Geeta breaks down the basics: café curtains are your go-to when you want that vintage charm. They’re mounted inside the window, not outside like full-length drapes. Petite, adorable, and oh-so-charming, café curtains bring back a nostalgic feeling.

A Peek at the Perks

Why opt for café curtains? Maybe you want a dash of privacy without blocking out the light. Café curtains offer that sweet spot. They cover about half to three-quarters of your window, adding to your décor without overshadowing your space. Geeta points out that these curtains are perfect for spaces where you still want to soak in the sunlight.

Picking the Perfect Spot

Geeta says the best place for these curtains are kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even craft rooms Plus, they’re a surefire way to elevate a girl’s room with a touch of femininity. Café curtains can also add a twist of uniqueness by being a tad off-center.

Less is More

Geeta is all about keeping it simple and clutter-free. If you’re contemplating doubling up on café curtains, she’s got a piece of advice: skip the valance and go straight for the café curtain. No need to overcomplicate things, just let that charming curtain do its magic.

Fabric Flair

Fabric matters! Lightweights are the way to go, creating that flowy, dreamy look. Don’t be shy with experimentation – stripes, patterns, or solids, the café curtain world is your oyster.

Nailing the Look

When shopping for café curtains, Geeta says there are some things to consider. Structure is key – opt for pleats to keep things looking sharp. Quality hardware is a game-changer, so no skimping on the details.

Café curtains are the charming trend to watch. Your windows are about to get a whole lot cuter!

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