Basic Design Rules

Have you ever checked out a home design magazine and wondered how they make every space look amazing! You too can create a pulled together room.

Designer Melody Palmer shares the four basic design rules that make any room work.

Color, contrast, proportion and balance are basic design principles, if implemented correctly they will help to create beautiful spaces in your home.


Color is the most important element in a room as it creates the tone of your home. It can be restful and soothing, or it can give your room excitement with strong pops of color. Color also gives personality and the inside story of those who reside in the space.


Contrast creates excitement and action that keeps the eye moving around the room. Contrast can be created with color, high and low priced pieces, feminine with masculine looks, straight and curved lines, textures, etc.


Proportion establishes the relationship of the various elements of the room. It creates balance of the structure and elements of the room, including furnishings and accessories that are used in the space.


Balance brings continuity to a room. Balance and proportion really work hand in hand to balance the proportions of the space to make it harmonious and to create natural flow.

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