fringe backdrop

Make a statement fringe backdrop out of basic party streamers! Here’s the tutorial…

Every party could use a fringe backdrop!

It’s our standby: we string up streamers to decorate the dance hall. Crepe paper strands seem to get the party started every time. Now, add to it!

Miranda Thompson shows how to use a mega roll of crepe paper to make a fabulous fringe backdrop.



Make a Fringe Backdrop



Step 1: Cut the roll of crepe paper in half or in thirds (Miranda likes to mix hers up to create some dimension)

Step 2: Take the roll of crepe paper, unroll a bit, and stretch it. You can use two people to do this, or just secure one end with your forearm on a table surface and then stretch the other end. Be careful not to rip them!

Step 3: Fold the paper together. (Miranda does 4 or so folds)

Step 4: Begin cutting fringe halfway through the fold, leaving some space in the middle.

Step 5: Turn the fold over and finish cutting the opposite side of fringe. Be sure to not cut all the way through!

Step 6: Attach one side to the ceiling, a doorway, a window, get creative with it! Then let the other side fall to the ground. Twist the bottom to create twists in the crepe paper.

Miranda is a founder and co-owner of SnapHappy Photo and Pop Culture by SnapHappy. She loves bright colors, especially pink, creating magic, and bringing joy to her husband and kiddos. Miranda spent 25 years climbing the corporate career ladder before switching things up and starting a party business. SnapHappy is your one stop shop for all you event enhancement needs from photo booths to balloons to fringe and so much more. 



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