Bathcrest: The 24-Hour Remodel

And if you’re looking for an easy and beautiful way to heal your stress over a bygone bath or shower, plus save thousands over conventional bathroom remodeling, then check out Bathcrest and its EasyCare Bathroom Remodeling.

Craig Peterson guests from Bathcrest.

For over 30 years, Bathcrest has helped thousands of homeowners with tremendous success to get the bathroom remodel they want in less time and for less money. Bathcrest has perfected an economical and effective bathroom remodeling system with miraculous results. Now their network of distributors is spread across the United States and Canada and they are thrilled to help so many homeowners. If you want an easy-to-clean modern bathroom that will last a lifetime, Bathcrest can help.

Just Imagine …

• Say good-bye to mold & mildew

• Say hello to a smooth, shiny, new bathtub

• Enjoy your tub and not scrubbing it

• Stress-free, one day bath remodeling

• Increase the enjoyment and value of your home

• Eliminate an embarrassing, old, worn-out bathroom

• Love your bath and shower — again

• Get the very best value in bathroom remodeling

Why Choose Bathcrest?

Bathcrest EasyCare Systems are engineered for beauty, ease, comfort and affordability so you can avoid the frustrations, headaches and costly mistakes commonly made by homeowners when remodeling their bathroom.

– 30 years specializing in bathroom remodeling

Home improvement contractors rank among the top 4 most common complaints made to Better Business Bureau and Attorney General Offices across the United States. With a Bathcrest EasyCare Bath or Shower System, you get 30 years’ experience and expertise to ensure your complete satisfaction.

– Four times stronger for easy of care

Never scrub that tub again! Eliminate scrubbing your bathtub with a Bathcrest EasyCare Bath System that is four times stronger than the competition.

– Three times thicker for durability and insulation

Relax in the warmth of a Bathcrest EasyCare System that retains the heat longer with 3 times more acrylic than the competition so you can linger longer.

– Uniform Plumbing Code Certification

Over 80% of the bathtub liners installed in the United States do not meet the Uniform Plumbing Code so you are not sure if you are getting a quality product and/or quality installation. A Bathcrest EasyCare System is certified to meet the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officers (IAPMO) creators of the UPC which is a stringent certification process that not only covers the product, but the manufacturing and installation process also so you know you are getting the best.

– Meets US Government codes

You’ll be comforted to know that Bathcrest’s high tech manufacturing also meets the United States code ANSI Z124.8 set for new bathtub manufacturing.

– High Tech Manufacturing

To form the perfect bathtub liner the thermoforming process requires a lot of heat. While most bathtub liners are formed under just one heat element creating constant stress in the acrylic and the need for post forming, Bathcrest utilizes high tech equipment with 22 heat zones and infrared sensors to monitor the temperature of the sheet so that it is formed at the optimal temperature every time for a stress free forming process.

– Perfect Fit

Avoid a loose fitting tub that happens with other liners when you choose a Bathcrest EasyCare bath liner. It’s made from Bathcrest’s inventory of over 800 original bathtub molds.

– Exclusive Trulok seal for flexibility and longevity

Avoid the broken seams and water damage that comes from expansion and contraction of the home as it continually settles with their Exclusive TruLok bonding system of Adhesion Promotor and their Thermal Expansion Sealant with permanent flexibility.

– Patented Installation Parts for insurance

Eliminate the floating tub syndrome that is common with cheaper bathtub liners. You’ve probably experienced them in hotels across North America. Bathcrest’s patented installation parts provide the ultimate protection and ensure the water goes down the drain where it is designed to go.

– Save time & money for other enjoyment

Battling a contractor over a bathroom remodel that has dragged on and on for several weeks is not much fun. A Bathcrest EasyCare System gives you an easy to clean, beautiful bath system installed over your existing fixtures saving you up to 70% of a traditional bathroom remodel and it can usually be completed in just one day.

– Provides you the best value

Discover how to get beauty and comfort with an amazing twist – the best value. You get a price guarantee to ensure you get the very best value in the industry for your investment – guaranteed.

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