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Be the best host! 10 top-notch hosting strategies for the holiday season

Small touches here and there will help you be the best host.

You’ve got the dinner plan down, so take a second to think about hosting Thanksgiving. More people will be passing through your door this week than usual! Make each one feel special with some hosting strategies that apply all the way through Christmas.

Designer Lauren Oviatt shares the ten things to think about when hosting a big gathering at your home. Welcome guests before they even enter the house! Simple additions to the porch will set the vibe for your gathering. Lauren also makes the case for the hostess gift.

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10 Holiday Hosting Strategies

  1. Create a Warm Welcome
  2. Make Your Entry Inviting
  3. Include Signature Scents
  4. Add Twinkle Lights
  5. Decorate With Greenery
  6. Show Off a Floral Arrangement
  7. Buy New Guest Towels/Soaps
  8. Dim the Lights
  9. Play Some Music
  10. Give a Parting Gift

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