Being a Powerful Presence

Motivational speaker and author Cherie Burton shares her secrets on how to make your presence known.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “What you ARE speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you’re saying?” Each of us holds a Presence -a state of being- which either attracts or repels. We leave an impression upon everyone we come in contact with -including our children, coworkers, neighbors, and even those we pass as we’re shopping- without ever uttering a word. This Presence “heralds” everything we’re about to say or do, making a strong statement about who we are. Essentially, our Presence either generates in others warmth and admiration or apprehension and discomfort.

Are you approachable or stand-offish? Do you give off the energy of “I care” or the energy of “I’m busy”? Do others get the message that you feel beautiful and confident, or self-conscious and insecure? These are tough but important questions, as they affect everything and EVERYONE around us…especially ourselves. The unspoken statements you make to your sphere of influence determine how others respond to you and ultimately the kinds of experiences you receive. Positive attracts more positive. Negative attracts more negative. What are YOU radiating?

As a shy teenager and insecure young adult, I spent much of my energy keeping others at a distance. In turn, I distanced myself from my own spirituality and emotions. My body even began to display the “outward” manifestation of this disconnection…weight gain, “mind fog,” fatigue, and depression. In 1999, my husband and in-laws and I were invited to be guests on “Oprah” (an episode about living with your in-laws, which I had been doing for 2 years with 2 small children). It wasn’t until I got home and saw the taping that a new awareness came over me. I could not believe that this victimy-sounding, frumpy, unconfident person I was watching was me! I realized, with full-force, that this was NOT the person I was born to be, and somehow knew it was up to me to create something different. I developed a strong reliance upon God, lost 40 pounds, changed my attitude, and became a student of beauty and confidence. In 2004, I won the title of Mrs. Utah and have since taken my message to hundreds of women of all ages. I often wonder, in those moments as a 20-something when darkness and depression loomed so heavily upon my body and spirit, that I could ever conceive I would be a radio and television host, write a book, speak to audiences, and organize a company that would teach women to be empowered, gifted and strong.
I believe one of the most important things a woman can learn is how to hold a strong, yet natural Presence. My September 28-29 seminar, “Emergence: Training in the Origins and Manifestation of Feminine Power” teaches a woman how to present a gentle, yet POWERFUL image to her world. We have 10 incredible speakers who are anxious to train and inspire with fascinating topics such as, “How to Light up a Room” and “Managing Your Health with the Power of Intention.” (For more info, visit

A woman’s Presence in her home has a powerful impact on her children’s developing self-concepts. Whatever she models at home, she models for humanity. Her Presence is constantly communicating little messages simply by her posture, vocal intonation, and energy. Having a strong Presence is more than acting confident, more than looking pretty or making friendly gestures. It is not about what you “do” at all…it is about BEING. I have met drop-dead gorgeous women who are not attracting the right kind of experiences, or people, because they are not connecting to their “truth.” Your “truth” is based in love, openness, calmness, warmth, genuineness, and confidence. This is the best kind of Presence to project. But how is it achieved? Here are some guidelines (and they all take practice!):


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