Belt It 101: How to Wear Belts with Confidence

Belt It 101: How to Wear Belts with Confidence

More than just to hold up your pants, belts are a great way to step up your style!

Studio 5 Contributor Holly Stone explains how to wear belts with confidence.

We wear belts to hold our pants up, bring our waist in, make a blouse fit better, raise or lower our waist line, or show off some bling. Although specific belt styles come and go, your figure type – specifically your waist – will determine the most flattering way to wear them. Since belts are a necessary staple in most wardrobes, learn how to put them to work to transform your figure visually and allow you to express your personal style. Width and placement are key. How to know? Read on…

Short-Waist Belt Options

You know you are short-waisted when:

· There is minimal space between the bottom of your breast-line and the top of your hip

· Your waist is less defined

· Your rib cage “feels” shorter

Goal: Create the illusion of a longer torso

Belt It! Be cautious of wide belts as the space you have to work with is already narrow. Wide belts will make you look even shorter in the waist. Instead, opt for a more narrow belt and place it: Higher up on waist, closer to bust line (only do this if bust size is small-average). This creates the illusion that your waist is actually longer than it is. Wear lower on hip and at an angle to elongate waistline visually

Long Torso Belt Options

You know you are longer in torso when:

· There is a lot of space between the bottom of your breast-line and the top of your hip

· Your waist line is more apparent

· You appear taller because of your upper body, regardless of your leg length

Goal: Create the illusion of a more balanced torso

Belt It!

A skinny belt could get lost depending on how long your torso actually is. Feel free to “fill” some of the space by

· Wearing a wider belt.

· Wearing a belt with design elements that stand out**

** When wearing embellished belts, be mindful that they create visual bulk in the tummy area. Be cautious if your tummy is fuller and avoid this “trend” altogether.**

If you have a well-defined waistline and also have the torso space to fill, layering an embellished belt over a texture top will also help balance your figure.

Fuller Waist Belt Options

You know you have a fuller waist when:

· The width of your shoulders and/or hips are about the same as the width of your waist

· Your waist line is undefined

· You have a fuller upper and/or lower tummy

Goal: Create the illusion of a more defined waistline

Belt It!

First determine if your fuller waist is also short or long. Full waists can support either wide or skinny belts detpending on if your waist is also short or long. One of the most flattering ways to belt a fuller waist is to:

· Wear a belt under a lightweight cardigan or a tailored jacket. The small part of the belt that peeks through will create the visual illusion that your waistline is more narrow and apparent.

Professional Belt Options

Yes, belts can be worn in the work place and when worn correctly, can provide an option for a polished accessory.

Goal: Maintain a professional appearance, while allowing you to express your personal style and be creative with current trends.

Belt It!

· Opt for a wider banded ribbon in a neutral color and place over your tailored shirt. Can also be worn over or under your business jacket or sweater. Buy a hair flower or other designing element-pin, brooch, etc and add to either front or side of belt. When wearing structured black and white, choosing a bolder color for the add-on is a great idea!

Casual Belt Options

The most common staple I have seen in most clients closet is a denim jacket. And I am frequently asked how to update it or to wear it without looking sloppy. My answer? Belt It!

Goal: Stay comfortable and not constricted, but look and FEEL cute

Belt It!

· When you pair a denim jacket with a summer dress, you can be free to move around as usual. Putting a belt over the jacket is a design which just adds that PERFECT accessory and completes the overall look. Skinny belts will give you more flexibility to move and will compliment a stiffer denim.

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