Best Oils for Face and Hair

Winter brings with it cold temperatures and dry conditions, which is bad news for your hair and skin. Counteract the damage with these products.

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shares the best oils for face and hair.

Did you know that oil is a necessity for healthy hair and skin? That may be a tough statement to swallow since unfortunately the word “oil” often has taken on negative appeal when referring to it as an ingredient in skin and hair products. After all, who would want to put additional oil on your complexion or scalp-especially if you already have oily hair and skin? Won’t it clog your pores, make you look greasy and shiny, leave residue on your hair and create all kinds of other havoc? In fact, no. Not if it is the right kind of oil for the right situation. Oil is healthy and can do wonders when selected appropriately and used correctly. In fact, the lipids found in some oils actually mimic natural lipids produced in the body. But are there also healthy butters and waxes and what is the difference? Want to know more? Ok. Let’s dive right into the world of healthy oils which benefit glowing skin and silky hair.

What to use: Oil, Butter or Wax?

Butters, oils, and waxes all come from fats that are derived from plants or animals. They primarily have two basic components; fatty acids and alcohols. The difference between butters, oils and wax is primarily whether or not they are solid at room and also at body temperature. The harder the oil, the better it is for oily skin and hair.

· Oil: Great for dry skin and complexion scarring. Mimics lipids that the body produces naturally

· Wax: Great for oily, normal combination skin. Less effective for hair treatments, more ideal for hair styling. Less effective to penetrate skin but fantastic for very dry skin to protect skin’s barrier and minimize natural water loss (TEWL-trans epidermal water loss)

· Butter: A “dry “oil. Ideal for oily skin and hair but can benefit all skin and hair types. Effective treatment for moisturizers and hair masks. Also great as a leave in conditioner

Wet, fatty-rich oils

If you have dry skin, scarred or uneven texture or light fine lines and wrinkles on your complexion, there are rich oils that offer abundant benefits. Dry, frizzy hair? Try oil to quench its thirst and yield more manageability. For dry hair and skin, there are fatty oils, rich in humectant features which will draw moisture into those areas and allow your skin and hair to retain more moisture while being nourished by natural oils . Some of them even contain Omega 3 which has a component called EFA. EFAs have amazing functions for skin health:

· EFAs Improve skin barrier function
· EFAs are natural penetration enhancers
· EFAs have strong anti-inflammatory / anti-irritant action

Oils that contain Omega 3 are:

· flaxseed oil, canola (rapeseed) oil, soybean oil, pumpkin seed oil, and walnut oil

From plant based to vegetable based to even some scientifically modified synthetic, there are several oils that are fatty oils, rich in moisture (not to be mistaken as greasy)

· Avocado Oil
· Apricot Kernel Oil
· Sweet Almond Oil
· Borage Seed Oil
· Rosehip Seed Oil
· Olive Oil
· Evening Primrose Oil
· Jojoba Oil
· Sunflower Oil (high oleic)
· Wheat Germ Oil

Dry, non-fatty oils

If you have oily skin, greasy texture problematic acne these are the oils that you can benefit from. Greasy, limp hair? Oil can indeed offer nourishment in a different format. Dry oils are much less fatty but offer the same humectant properties allowing your skin to hold onto its water for better hydration.

Most commonly found in skin care and hair treatment products, here is a list of oils you can feel confident using if you have normal to oily skin.

· Macadamia Nut Oil
· Mango Butter
· Shea Butter
· Cocoa Butter
· Argan Oil
· Coconut Oil
· Hemp Seed Oil
· Castor Oil
· Palm Oil
· Grapeseed Oil
· Sesame Seed Oil
· Carnauba Wax
· Beeswax

Best facial treatment products with beneficial fatty oils:
Rose Hips Facial Oil,

Popular to native Australia, this oil has so many benefits there isn’t enough room on the bottle to show them!

Best facial treatment products with dry oils
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Walgreens, $9.99

With cocoa butter and sesame seed oil, this dry oil will satisfy the nourishment of even the oiliest skin type. Do not be afraid to use it! You will be amazed by the results!

Best hair treatment products with beneficial fatty oils
Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Weekly Intense Conditioning Treatment , Wal-Mart, $3.99

For an inexpensive yet effective treatment to use no more than once a week, I recommend this oil. Besides the fact that it is tried, true and tested since it has been around for ages, it is also the perfect “drink” dry hair needs as a special treatment.

Best hair treatment products with dry oils
Macadamia Natural Oil-Healing Oil Treatment, Ulta, $39.99

Argan oil and Macadamia nut oil make the hair feel moisturized and silky soft.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil, Sephora, $24

Rich in abundant nourishing oils for all skin and hair types. In addition, the feel and smell of this delicious product turns my home bathroom into a spa with just one spray!!

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