Best Style Apps

Technology is changing the way women get dressed!
Jessica Foust, with TopTen Reviews, and Amber Evans, owner of Stars Talent Studio, break down the best style apps, and how to use them.

The social shopping trend has moved from the web to mobile which now offers us advice from our purse! While we are having our in-store shopping experience we can take photos of merchandise we are thinking about purchasing and ask our friends advice! We also can record pricing and location information, then, share it with friends for feedback via email or social networking to get trusted opinions. With these apps you can look chic and create orderly fashion board with your shopping wish list! Plus get tons of comments from friends and fans offering positive-reinforcement to boot!


If you are fashion lover like me Go Try It On could be the one for you. You can download it for free so that you can figure out your outfits every morning! Go Try It On allows us to share photos of ourselves and get others opinions. You might say it’s like having a panel of judges in your dressing room! If you like being a stylist, offer advice to those in need. Personally, I have always been a big fan of the buddy system when it comes to shopping — you need someone other than the dressing room associated to tell you if that outfit looks amazing or appalling on you — but there are times when there’s just no one around who can give you an honest opinion. With this app you can put your outfit out there in the community of over 300,000 users and get real time advice!


Stylebook is designed to help you carefully curate your wardrobe in the form like paper dolls. This app can help you get the most out of what you already have in your closet and help you choose new pieces that will integrate well into your wardrobe as a whole. This app is more complicated due to its over 90 features to help you. So while you are waiting for carpool or have an hour to spare, you will find it worth the time it took to be familiar with it!

This app will help you get organized, allowing you to mix and match what you already own, and help you compare it to new purchases. This is also helpful when you are going on vacation and want to save all your favorite ideas from inspiration weeks ahead! So start pinching and dragging items to create the perfect look. You can create mini mood boards by adding inspirations as well as clothing items to an outfit.

Stylebook Men – This is perfect for men who don’t favor spending hours trying on outfits in front of the mirror because this app does it for you. Stylebook Men lets you add images of your own clothes, combine them into looks and record your wardrobe history. Plus, it’s much less expensive than hiring a Celebrity Stylist!


Pose is like having a virtual shopping hotline in your pocket. Pose lets you snap pictures of pieces you find while shopping, then share them with your network. You can see and share the looks you love. If you are like me, you might just want to use the photos as an archive of things to later purchase or admire. This app tells you the complete price, location, and even styling options of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Complying ideas and then later deciding rather than spontaneously shopping may help you build a wardrobe you later won’t regret. At times you will need to ask for advice from friends, or “the pose network” in that case, you can ask for feedback! Then friends can then comment and give feedback on the item in question. After documenting your latest style lust, you can share your discovery with other Posers, as well as your Twitter and Facebook families. You will then get instant notifications when someone comments.

Problem: It seems like more and more stores are forbidding photos. I’ve been chastised, and asked not to take photos of items rather boldly, so beware!


Trendabl is similar to Instagram. You also snap pictures on your iPhone, and can edit the photos, post captions, tag the pictures with the product and retail info, and share it with the app’s community. This app is helpful in exchanging trends and expressing personal style. So if someone posts a picture of a dress, he or she can add its category, price, store or color, and can also choose to post it to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You also are able to “follow” your friends as well as your favorite celebrities, fashion magazines, brands, bloggers and websites. Trendabl users can also utilize the search and filtering features to discover fashion. If you want to see all “dresses” that are being posted in the community, you can!

APP #5: STYLE.COM takes Fashion’s Night Out digital! On this app you can see the latest runway looks, parties, and videos from the comfort of your pocket, or palm of your hand.’s app automatically updates your device with the most current coverage. Download and browse every look from New York, London, Milan, and Paris; stream runway videos; see the latest red carpet events, videos, designer and celebrity profiles, and more. Where and when—well, it’s on demand! Plus you can make a selection from participating stores in New York (there are 800-plus) and you’ll get the shop’s address, phone number, and a brief description of the events and celebrity appearances. This app brings the most edgy type of fashion statements—including ready-to-wear, menswear, and couture runway coverage from New York, Paris, Milan, and London—direct to your device, wherever you may be. Download now for the latest runway shows from fashion capitals around the world, automatically updated to display the most current season and shows. In addition to perusing every catwalk look, you can get up-to-the-moment party coverage worldwide as well as stream and watch’s entire video library, from runway clips to designer and celebrity profiles.

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