Bewitching Halloween Projects

Get your “witch craft” on with fun and funky Do It Yourself Halloween decorations.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty is here to share some bewitching projects that will spice up your Halloween décor.

Witch legs

This is a sweet Halloween decoration that can be done with things around your house. All you need is an umbrella, pool noodle, socks, shoes, and wire.

#1 – Cut your noodles the length of your socks plus some extra for your shoes.

#2 – Roll your socks onto the noodle and put shoes on the noodle.

#3 – Get some heavy wire, double wrap it around the noodle at the top and attach to the umbrella.

#4 – I took some toole and tightly wrapped it around my shoe to keep it in place in the noodle as well as accessorize the look of the shoe. I tried using things that weren’t permanent so I will be able to use all of these items after Halloween for their regular use.

#5 – I poked a small hole in the top of the umbrella and using framing wire looped it through the umbrella to use for holding into a tree.

Witch fell in the cupcake
Take your favorite cupcake, add the straw of your choice and glue a picture of a witches shoe to the straw! There you have it, a comical dessert!

Witches broom
Don’t forget that witches have to get from here to there as well! You can make a witches broom by getting a stick and some raffia! By adding some ribbon tying the raffia to the stick you have yourself a simplified witches broom, great for a front door entry!

Not a fan of carving pumpkins
Not a fan of the scooping out of your pumpkin seeds, you can always accessorize your pumpkins with painting the outside of them into your favorite Halloween symbol. Or even gather a few unmatched socks place them over the pumpkins to give a unique texture and look to the pumpkins. Top if off with some little witch’s hats. Or at local craft stores you can find witch shoes and by simply adding a $1.00 witch hat you can place your pumpkin, hat, and witch shoes to look like a little itty bitty witch.

Witch table legs
You can turn every corner or leg of your home into a witch’s leg. With a template of a witches boot you can make adorable legs for your kitchen table or entry table.

You will need; Boot template, Black felt, Socks (depending on the number of legs you are covering) and Glue gun.

#1 – Cut out the boot template and trace onto your black felt. Keep in mind if you the boot heel needs to be bigger than the leg you are covering, you may need to trace the template bigger.

#2 – Cut out the boot template from the felt and hot glue gun around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

#3 – Place your socks on the legs of your tables.

#4 – Slip on your boots and there you go, it looks like your witch is sitting at your table!

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