Black & White Hot Cocoa w/Gingerbread & Vanilla

13 oz. 2% milk

¼ c. Ghirardelli sweet ground chocolate

¼ c. Ghirardelli white chocolate

½ oz. vanilla flavor

½ oz. gingerbread flavor

whip cream

(Measurements to make a 16oz drink)

In a stove top pot combine 13 oz of milk, ¼ cup Ghirardelli chocolate, ¼ cup Ghirardelli white chocolate
Stir while heating on the stove
Get temperature to 160 degrees
Add ½ oz of vanilla flavor & ½ oz of gingerbread flavor in the cup first
Pour the hot chocolate mixture on top of the syrup
Stir well
Garnish with whip cream (add a few holiday sprinkles or cinnamon to make it more festive!)

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