Bless this Nest: Spring Home Décor Ideas

Easter is over – the next holiday is months away. So why not decorate for
the new season using an iconic Spring symbol: the nest.

Blogger Michelle Inkley shares several Spring inspired ideas.

Just by changing out the Easter letters to ‘spring,’ and swapping the bunny
for a bird, you have a great centerpiece or mantel decoration.

What could be easier than printing a darling graphic onto printable canvas
and sewing onto a pillow for your porch?

This darling chicken wire nest, can be made big or small for place card
holders, or bigger for a center piece. It’s so cute and can color coordinate
to any decor or party by the paper and ribbons that you use.

Michelle Inkley is a mom of four boys and, therefore, a lover of the loud
and crazy. She is an event planner, organizer, blogger, and a vocal coach.
Michelle loves to create parties, work on Photoshop, and drive to lacrosse.
Visit her on www.theglitzypear.blogspo

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