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Go bold with black! New home design trends for the Utah homeowner

Season to season, new home design trends emerge. Some are smart to buy into, but others will be washed up by next season. Invest in pieces that will stand the test of time, and we’ll help you do it!

Lauren Oviatt shares the newest trends in home design, and how to work them into your space.

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New Home Design Trends From the Vegas Market


House Beautiful

Plasterwork is something that is really out there for some people. Some examples are chandeliers, fixtures, and vases that are dipped in plaster. You see it with things that would normally have maybe a metal finish. But they’re given a flat, chalky look with plaster. Somewhat different, but very on trend.

Natural Materials


This has been around forever. Examples are things like wicker, sea grass, shell, etc. These kinds of materials warm up a space, but keep it casual. It grounds the room, and it can also be fun to use things like shell and marble in interesting ways.

All Things Beaded

Ballard Designs

Trays, lamps, mirrors, lots of home decor pieces are using a kind of ball motif. We’ve seen the coffee table beads around for a while, but now beads are moving into a different application. It’s kind of geometric, but not too modern.

Pastel Artwork


This kind of takes us back the 80’s and 90’s. Art is leaning towards more bright and happy colors, and it’s a more modern take on colorful artwork. It’s a great way to inject some personality into your space.

Black and Bronze

Nicole Davis

Black is very punctuating. If you’re wanting to paint, say, your island a dark color, just know that it will be the focal point. That is the first place the eye will go. It makes a statement, but is a fun, hip way to decorate.

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