Boy Band Auditions

Young men around the country are fighting for a chance to be in the newest boy band, based right here in Utah!

Music Producer Tyler Castleton shares details on the search for the final band members of a Utah based, pop male recording group.

The Group

Songwriters Tyler Castleton and Russ Dixon, along with an exceptional team of talented and connected music industry veterans, are putting together a new pop male recording group that’s about to take the music world by storm. The search for band members began in the fall of last year, and from the hundreds of young men from all around the country who have auditioned, 3 have been selected as members of this as-yet-unnamed group. This is our final call for auditions, and in the next few weeks, the final 2 members of this new 5-member team will be chosen.

The Vision

Modeled after some of today’s wildly successful bands, the vision for this group is centered on radio-hit melodies built on tight harmonies, driving, infectious beats and cutting edge production. Castleton and Dixon and their team are collaborating with world-class songwriters and music makers from Los Angeles to Nashville to New York to create smash hit songs for this ground-breaking group, which will begin learning new material, rehearsing, and recording immediately. In the spring of 2013 the group will release its first single and music video, followed shortly by a full album release. Though neither the songs nor the group will be overtly Christian in nature, members of the band will live and portray the highest LDS standards, and will convey positive and uplifting messages through their music.

The Future

Rehearsals will begin immediately for members of the band and will continue for the next several months as the group prepares to record a full-length album, stage a live concert show, and dive into an extensive performing and touring schedule. In mid-summer 2013 the group will embark on an extended international tour of Asia, followed by performances in select U.S. cities in the fall.

Audition Timeline:

From all the audition videos received, a group of finalists will be chosen and will be asked to attend a live audition in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. At the conclusion of the audition the 2 final members of the band will be announced.

It is important to note that while the members of the band are not required to be from Utah, the band will be based in Utah and it will be necessary that all members reside in Utah beginning on February 25th for the duration of the rehearsal period (February – July, 2013). Members of the band can expect to be in rehearsals 20+ hours a week from February through May, and 40+ hours a week in June and July. Those who are chosen as finalists and invited to attend the live audition in Utah on February 23rd should only accept this invitation if they are prepared to make this commitment to the band.

Audition Instructions:

Take a few minutes and make a video of yourself (a quick, basic home video is fine — nothing professional is necessary). Please include the following on your video:

Tell us about yourself: How old are you, what’s your background, your interests, family, etc. (also, please tell us how tall you are)

Choose one to three songs and sing them on camera. Please sing at least one of them a cappella, and make sure we can hear your voice clearly. Feel free to sing any songs you’d like. Don’t be afraid to show us your personality!

Please briefly sing some scales and demonstrate your vocal range and your pitch (a basic “la-la-la” is great). You can sing your scales with musical accompaniment (piano, etc.) but please include some a cappella scales as well.

Show us your moves! Choose 60 seconds from an upbeat, high energy dance song and dance for us. Please demonstrate that you have rhythm and the ability to move. When filming, please make sure that we can see your entire body in the shot. Be creative and have fun!

Please send your video directly or provide a link to your video (on YouTube, etc.) and email it to the address listed below.

Audition submissions should be sent to:

For more information, check out

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