Braided Necklace

Blogger Becca Dulgarian from Blue Cricket Design has tips to make this chic, textured accessory!

Materials Needed:

3 yards of Satin Ribbon (5/8th” to 1.5 ” work best)

1″ Wooden Craft Bead with drilled centers

Metal Ribbon Clasps



Wooden or Metal Skewer

** You may also want to paint, stain or distress your wooden beads before using so you may also need spray or craft paint, stain or glaze. Be sure to allow plenty of time to dry before threading.

Start by cutting your ribbon into three 1 yard strips. Burn one edge of all three ribbon strips to prevent them from fraying.

If you are using 1.5″ ribbon you’ll need to fold each end in half.

Stack all three folded ends on top of each other and slide them into your Metal Ribbon Clasp and pinch tightly with your pliers to secure it well.

Using a heavy object to hold your clasp down, you will now start to braid your three sections of ribbon. You can make this as tight as you’d like. Braid a 6-8″ section.

Now we will add our first Wooden Bead. First cut an angle on the end of the ribbon you plan to thread. Using a wooden or metal skewer gently push the ribbons tip into the drilled hole.

Thread the Bead up into place. Continue braiding again and add your second bead 4- 5″ away from the first bead. Braid again 4-5″ and add your last bead. Finally continue your last braided section making it even with your first side.

Lastly you will want to burn the edges, fold your ribbon, stack the ends once again on top of each other and attach your Metal Ribbon Clasp to the end.

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