Breakfast Burrito

1/2 pound sausage, ham, or bacon
8 eggs
8 flour totillas
1 can (7oz.) diced chilies, optional
1 cup cheese, shredded
2 cups salsa

Brown sausage and drain excess fat, or cook bacon and drain well, or dice ham.
Scramble eggs. Warm tortilla. Place one tortilla on plate, spoon approximately 2 tablespoons diced chilies down center. Spoon 1/8 the meat and egg down center of tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese. Roll ingredients inside tortilla in a burrito fashion. Serve with salsa, fresh fruit, and a tall glass of milk.

Cool meat and eggs. To make rolling burritos easier, warm tortilla slightly. Prepare burrito as directed above. Place burritos in covered container or sandwich bags. When ready to enjoy, microwave burrito a few seconds to one minute or until hot (caution – do not overheat and burn mouth).

Prepare ingredients ahead and place in resealable storage containers. When ready to enjoy burrito, remove containers from refrigerator, prepare burritos as directed above. Microwave to heat.

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