Breast Pump Sales and Rentals

Smart moms reach for smart tools to make their job easier.

Kelly Johnson of Alpine Home Medical shares the tool that more and more moms are investing in.

Since 1997, we are proud to be Utah’s premier one-stop-shop home medical equipment (HME) company and service provider. We offer a variety of high quality HME products and home rental services with border-to-border coverage within Utah, and Idaho Falls, ID. What sets us apart at Alpine Home Medical is the superior level of quality service we provide to our customers. It should be no surprise then that Alpine Home Medical Equipment has been awarded Utah’s Best of State winner for the seventh year in a row. Alpine Home Medical is a Utah based company owned by Jay Broadbent, the original owner that started it in 1997 with one location and we have since grown but kept the same values. People think of home medical for just the aging but in reality it is for everyone we have products that help us in our everyday lives. We now carry breast pumps they are our newest and fastest growing product category.

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