Bride Access: Guest Book Tips

Heather Beers with has some clever ideas on what you can do to relive that special day for years to come.


has great ideas for so many aspects of your wedding. Here are some great ideas for your Guest Book.


Picture Perfect

Find a special picture of the bride and groom, any shot from being casual to very formal. Make this a black and white shot and add a large white around a matte and frame with a black frame. Have all the guests sign the matte. Make sure you have enough pens (all in the same color – black!) and have guests sign in. If you have lots of guests coming, create as many pictures as you think you’ll need for the whole group.


Scrapping it Up

Find a special scrapbook that will last and put in several pictures of the bride and groom in different poses … casual, formal, when they were young, with friends, etc. Secure them firmly in a beautiful scrapbook and have guests sign the various pages. They may want to fill the pages that they were most involved with the bride and groom.


Find a book with pictures of different brides or some other events or things that are meaningful to the bride and groom. Have guests sign pages from this book.


Quilting Bee

Create large material quilt blocks in a favorite color of the bride and groom and have guests use special fabric pens to sign their sentiments on blocks. At the conclusion of a wedding, find a good quilter who can create a quilt to last a lifetime with signatures from your wedding day.


Bed Sheet Quilt

A variation on the quilt blocks is to find a bed sheet in your favorite color and have guests sign the sheet with special fabric pens. Have someone handy with quilts create a quilt using the bed sheet as the top part of a quilt.

Vase Etcher

Here’s a handy unit … battery operated, too …a glass etcher that can have your guests etch their names on glass. Flowers in a vase have never looked better and you can use the vase every single day as a pleasant reminder.

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