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Bring back Thanksgiving nut cups! 5 holiday traditions to stretch through November

Thanksgiving nut cups add a little nostalgia to your table.

You have Christmas activities and traditions, but in November, it seems the traditions fall on one big day. With just a little intentional planning, you can find ways to stretch them out, make them last, and celebrate all month.

We were lucky enough to have local artist Jeni Gochnour help us add fresh flair to November traditions.


Salty Mix Nut Cups


  • Bugles chips
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Nuts (your choice)
  • sugar free chocolate-covered almonds
  • freeze-dried green beans
  • popcorn


Sweet Mix


  • Riesen’s
  • peachie-o’s
  • caramel cups
  • nerd clusters
  • sour strawberries
  • dove chocolate
  • good and plenty
  • baked beans candy
  • Nuts
  • candy corn
  • Jelly Belly’s


Catch up with Jeni at her next pop-up market. Find details at

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