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Blogger Sadie Jane with Simply Sadie Jane shares her opinion after reviewing the E-Book “Handmade Walls”.

I loved reviewing the ebook “HANDMADE WALLS: 22 inspiring ideas on bringing your walls to life!?!” If you haven’t heard of this amazing ebook you have been MISSING OUT!

I was so thrilled to review this book for STUDIO 5 and share with you all my finished project and a few of my tips and tricks! I was so impressed by the creativity and personality that each of the projects in this book possesses! Every click brought another amazing creation to my computer screen. I was dragging my husband over to the computer begging him to help me with each of these INSPIRING IDEAS!

Brought to you from the amazing husband and wife team of the HANDMADE HOME, they really have captured the essence of bringing your walls to life!!

I decided to choose one project from each chapter!!
This delicious piece is from CHAPTER 3: ONE OF A KIND ART!
Doesn’t this piece just SPEAK to you!
With some wood, paint and a couple tools this piece of art can add so much character to your home!

My husband and I fell in love with this piece SO MUCH that we decided to start selling them locally!
{We will be selling them in Utah and Idaho}
EMAIL ME@ to order yours today!
You can custom order how you would like your arrow to look or choose between our 3 styles!
1.white wash
3. touch of color
{to see all the 3 styles available watch the STUDIO 5 clip above!}

The next piece we decided to make for our home was from CHAPTER 4:

With some stain and a couple of different sized wood pieces…you can make a beautiful eye catching clock!!

My last project left me ending on a bit of a personal note!
A project to showcase my favorite people on earth…what better art is there!?
This classic piece has a bit of a modern flair with its piecing and placements and can help capture memories for years to come!
I loved this frame so much that I had to make 2 of them!!

I could have NEVER done these projects without all of the amazing tips and tricks from THE HANDMADE HOME that they include in their book!!
SERIOUSLY this book is an essential piece to have even if you don’t plan on doing any of the projects.
The tips they give are beyond helpful!
From painting to cutting to finding the best tools for your projects, this book should be on the computer of every DIYer!!

Whenever I am in a DIY rut, I know I can turn to this amazing book to inspire me! Make sure to check them out WWW.THEHANDMADEHOME.NET.

You can find Sadie’s blog at

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