bubbling cauldron

Build a bubbling cauldron with Christmas ornaments! This easy DIY takes just 20 minutes

This bubbling cauldron makes a great Halloween centerpiece.

A bubbling witches cauldron always makes an appearance around spooky season. While it typically takes dry ice to bring it to life, this project swaps the smoke for Christmas ornaments. It’s a simple and spooky DIY to display as a centerpiece for the big night.

Emily Price shares the easy tutorial—accomplished in less than 20 minutes.

Find more ideas from Emily on Instagram, @embprice, or on her website, www.thepriceadventure.com.


Emily Price loves to create and shares fun DIYs, easy crafts, and toddler activities. She loves making holidays magical for her kids. She loves to travel and you can often find her at Disneyland with her family.

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