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Buy flowers in season! Here are 11 June bloomers to look out for

If you’re out to buy flowers, make sure you get them in season.

Just like buying fresh fruits and vegetables in season, you’ll save time, and get better quality, buying fresh FLOWERS in season. With more local growers, and more flower choices, it pays to know about bloom times.

Stephen Workman is a local flower farmer, and heads up the Utah Premier Flower Collective. He shares flowers that will blooming in June.

Catch up with Stephen for direct access to locally-grown in-season flowers on Instagram, @mountainmanflowers or at


11 Flowers to Buy in Season

Flower Collectives are on the rise as flower farmers are connecting the dots and learning how to better support the flower needs within a particular community. One farm cannot do it all, and even if they try, they struggle to supply the quantities that are needed for florists and floral enthusiasts alike.

Last year, Stephen Workman and Jessie Westover founded the Utah Premier Flower Collective to help solve this issue. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the farmers collective is constantly seeking ways to expand to fulfill a very underserved market.

To make full use of flowers in season, it’s important to pay attention to bloom times. Here are the flowers that will be abundant in June:

Stephen says you can augment the slower summer bloom season by combining fresh flowers with foraged elements. Check out these options for foraging in June:


Email the Collective at, or find them on Instagram @utahpremierflowercollective.

You can find their flowers in subscriptions, daily orders, and special order at:

Lily and Iris

Native Flower Co

The Petal Coop 

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