heart cake

Cakes are going vintage! Make a frilly, old-fashioned heart cake with this tutorial

This heart cake works for any occasion!

There’s no better way to celebrate than cake. We’ve noticed a sort of cake evolution over the years. First, we had shaped cakes. Then we swung to the standard round. After that, we started stacking. But now, forget everything you thought you knew about cake trends, because this new concept is pulling an idea from the old-fashioned pages. It’s generously frosted and full of darling frilly details.

Bethany Tomseth introduced us to the vintage heart cake trend.


Betheny says this is the biggest cake trend happening right now. The heart motif comes out around Valentines day, but you can celebrate with a heart-shaped cake all year round. Betheny is seeing people set it out at birthday parties, weddings, and bridal and baby showers.

With vintage heart cakes, more is more. “The gaudier the better!” Betheny adds.

“Add all the glitter-dipped cherries, bows, and sprinkles that you want. You really can’t do too much.”

Betheny is seeing people sign them with sayings like, “In My 21 Era,” “Birthday Bae,” “Aquarius Baby,” “That Girl since 1995,” to personalize.

“Color is SO fun with these cakes! Bright, pastel, white, black, you can’t go wrong… and you can have so much fun with color,” Betheny taught.

Find more cake inspiration from Betheny on Instagram, @bethenycakes.

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