Cakes de Fleur: Gourmet Cakes

Owner Laurlee Morrison demonstrates how you can perk up these cakes for your next intimate gathering.

Demonstrated on Studio 5

1) The baby shower setup… Three levels of vases (candle holders, flower pots, lots of thing work– rightside up, or upside down… you can make a cake stand out of lots of things. Pour a little water in each vase, color it blue and float a rubber duck in it. Then a cake goes on top of each vase. And maybe add a rubber duck to one of the cakes to tie it in… sand and/or shells could be placed around the bottom.

2) Birthday party cake… Start with three levels again. Take canned goods from your pantry… cover them with a fun wrapping paper. Cakes go on top. Add some streamers below and to the top of the cake. Easy, quick, cheap, and fun with a party theme.

3) Wedding party, book club, or other elegant event. Use books or boxes or whatever to get levels. Throw a table cloth on top and add fresh flowers. A vase of flowers is nice, but pluck a couple to top the cakes. Elegant!

4) Other fun ideas… like a vase with tissue paper crinkled or filled with candy to pull out a color scheme… or maybe add a few fall leaves or whatever to make it into a fun holiday or themed display.
The idea is that these are great cakes. They are fun and easy to use for a party. You can certainly order cakes ahead, but there are so many possibilities if you just run to the store and grab a couple of cakes.

Easy. Not much planning required. Fun.

Go to for more information. And you can find Cakes de Fleur at these local markets:

Cakes de Fleur Bakery 3340 So. 300 West, SLC

Emigration Market, 1706 East 1300 South, SLC

The Store, 2050 East 6200 South, SLC

Pirate O’s, 11901 South 700 East, Draper

Pazzo Deli, 2005 East 2700 South, SLC

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