Camera Phone Scrapbook

Megan Hoeppner, Creating Keepsakes Creative Editor, says camera phone pictures can really capture the day to day moments, and she shares ways to enjoy those photos.

Don’t overlook the scrap potential behind pictures taken with your phone. The resolution on most newer phones is actually pretty decent, and you’re more apt to capture your day-to-day moments on your phone, which will make for interesting and entertaining layouts.
Sure, these shots may not be grade-A quality, but they get the job done, and I think they’d look mighty fine on a page.

You know when the phone-photos approach really comes in handy? When you’re on vacation. Not wanting to lug my big camera around on a recent trip to Las Vegas, I kept my phone very busy snapping even the silliest of things (like me standing in line—entertaining, I know). While my pictures are far from super duper, I actually love the way they turned out. I was left with a moment-by-moment look at my fun trip, which I used to create this page. In addition to the photos, I included the photo captions I used when I uploaded these images to my Facebook account.

With more than 600 photos on my phone at the moment, I have more than enough to go around. With that in mind, I also created a photo-album scrapbook, which I call my iThoughts book. In it, I’ve added pictures I’ve snapped with my phone and uploaded to Facebook.

In addition to the photos, I included printouts of some of the comments Facebook users have left about the photos, which I tucked behind the images. Using comments is a quick way to add creative journaling to your projects.

Let your social media channels assist you in your scrapbooking. The photos you share and comments you receive are perfect pieces of your story that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes time to document, even if it’s as simple as tucking them in a photo album.
What photos are in your phone right now, just waiting to be scrapped? Take a minute and flip through your photos. I bet you’ll find some awesome options!

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