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Can’t sleep? Here are solutions to the most common sleep troubles

Here are some solutions for when you can’ sleep.

As we step into the new year with a fresh mindset, one thing that’s gaining traction is the pursuit of better sleep.

Phil Cowley shares what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sleep aids.

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Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep

With the market flooded with sleep aids and supplements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You might think a pill will fix everything. But it’s really about a lifestyle shift. Sure, pop a pill, but also switch off those screens early, break a sweat, and resist that tempting 4 p.m. nap.

Aging and Sleep

Ever wonder why some of us develop sleep problems as we age? Phil breaks it down. Sleep apnea, restless legs, dwindling exercise routines, and hormones wreak havoc. But understanding the root cause is the first step to a better night’s sleep.

Over-the-Counter Options

Phil demystifies the over-the-counter sleep aids, pointing out a sneaky commonality. Tylenol PM, Advil PM, NyQuil… are all Benadryl. These are fine for short-term use. If you need a sleep boost for a couple of nights, go for it. But long-term you’ll build a tolerance, and you don’t want that.

Natural Solutions

If hormonal imbalances are your issue DHEA and melatonin can tag-team to restore order. But, an overactive brain fueled by caffeine and a pharmacy of meds can also be an issue. Slow down on the caffeine, watch your meds, exercise a bit, and skip the sugar after 4 p.m.

Kids Who Can’t Sleep

Phil recommends a chat before reaching for the melatonin gummies. Magnesium and amino acids can be the kid-friendly options, building a foundation for that elusive sleep-inducing chemical called GABA. Talk to your kids, don’t just hand them a pill. Understand what’s keeping them up. Maybe it’s that energy drink or the Monster they chugged.

It’s not just about prescriptions; it’s about lifestyle, choices, and informed decisions.

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