Card with Heart: Valentines for Kids

You spent hours crafting a valentine box, and then of course the actual anticipation of seeing what sentiments would be sent your way.


Now the tables are turned and your helping your children make their own valentines and Karla Stronk from Pebbles in My Pocket share some clever ideas for cards with heart.

With a few basic craft supplies, your kids can make handmade valentines that will capture their heartfelt sentiments:

“You give me Butterflies”

This cute valentine is made with Pixie Stix and hearts. You need one Pixie Stix; two ¾ to 1″ circles for the head out of pink cardstock; silver wired ribbon or wire for the antennas; 4 small circles for the tips of the antennas and 2 large and 4 medium hearts in two shades of pink cardstock. You can use dies cuts, punches or make your own hearts. The valentine has a tag on it with the cute phrase attached.

I “chews” you valentine

We made this valentine matchbox style with chewing gum inside. We printed the saying on the computer with a fun font and added the To: and From: section at the bottom. You need patterned paper, a heart sticker that we raised with a foam square and staples to attach the bottom like a matchbox.

“Sweethearts” candy box

This valentine makes your Sweetheart conversation candy the valentine. It is wrapped up to the Sweetheart label with striped paper. We used red cardstock to make a heart with a paper band wrapped through it. The back of the box has a white cardstock card that was typed on the computer with a “Be Mine” saying and the To: and From: included at the bottom.

I “dig” you valentine

This very simple and cute valentine is made with a small cello bag, filled with kisses, or you could use any kind of candy in the bag. We added a few small hearts punched out of red cardstock. The bag is tied with a small piece of valentine ribbon and shovel that was die cut out of red cardstock. The saying I ‘dig” you was printed with a cute font on the computer on white cardstock.

You make my heart “GLOW” valentine!

The base of this fun valentine is a glow bracelet. You can buy them in bulk at party stores. We used a heart, die cut cut out of light pink cardstock and put two slits in it to run the bracelet through. Then we cut a heart with medium pink cardstock on the front end to make the tip of an arrow and cut a feather with the pink cardstock to make the end of the arrow. We printed the saying on white cardstock and tied it with valentine ribbon to the bracelet.

Valentine envelope with chocolate

All you need to make this clever valentine is a mini candy bar; 4 or 5 heart shaped die cuts from pink cardstock (or cut your own heart ) and a small white heart or sticker and a piece of ribbon to tie the envelope onto the candy bar. The heart has “Happy Valentines Day printed on the inside with the To: & From: below. It is then folded into an envelope by folding in sides first, then bottom, then top and adding a sticker or heart cut out.

Love pencil

How easy can it get? This no calorie treat is made with a pencil (you can buy them in bulk with hearts on them or a variety of designs). We cut 2, ½ inch circles out of pink cardstock and glued them over a white pipe cleaner, added a heart sticker and a love rub-on. We then twisted the pipe cleaner around the pencil.

I “pick you” for my valentine

This is an oldie but goodie. We took an old fashioned lollipop (sucker) and wrapped it with cute patterned paper then cut a circle out of white cardstock, punched a hole in the middle to put the sucker through and added red cardstock hearts around it to make a flower. We attached the saying with valentine ribbon.

Cars Valentine Box

This simple box is made with a large gable box. We just added a variety of cardstock and “Cars” stickers. We also used American Crafts Thicker letters for the child’s name on the front. We cut a slit in the top to put the valentine through.

Princess Valentine Box

This valentine box is also made with a large gable box. We covered it with patterned paper from the “Pinc. Princess collection”. We used matching stickers from the collection. The name is made with American Crafts “Thicker” self adhesive stickers in white glitter. We also used a castle die cut out of shimmer white cardstock and some “Pinc. gingham ribbon”. We cut a slit in the top to put valentines in the top of the box.


Pebbles in My Pocket will be holding a Valentine card making class for adults on Wednesday, February 6th and a children’s card class on Saturday, February 9th. You can contact Pebbles in My Pocket for more information at (801)272-2280 or

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