Carving Pumpkins with Power Tools

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop let her inner “mad scientist” take over for this project. Here are her tips:

Experiment with different power tools you already have. We tried effects with five different tools: a Rotozip, a Dremel, a jigsaw, a regular power drill with various bits, and a plain old hammer.

A jigsaw, rotozip or Dremel are useful for carving letters, numbers or detailed designs. Try different sized bits and blades. The finer the blade, the cleaner the cut.

To create a perfect circle, use a drill and drill bit. You can create spooky jack-o-latern eyes using a hole saw attached to your drill. To carve a luminary jack-o-latern, drill several 1 inch holes around your pumpkin and light with string lights.

A hammer and a metal cookie cutter can be used to cut shapes in a pumpkin. Simply place the cookie cutter on the pumpkin and using the hammer, tap the cookie cutter through the pumpkin. Remove the cookie cutter using needle nosed pliers and remove the shape from the pumpkin.

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop loves turning trash into treasure. She is handy with a hammer, and has a knack for saving a dime by doing it yourself!
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