Celebrate Change: Change Challenge #2

Amanda Dickson, author of the book “Change it Up!,” shares change challenge number two!

Today’s change challenge is to change the way you always react to something. So, your husband comes home late from work and you always react by giving him the silent treatment and being a little defensive, maybe you change that. Or you change the way you always react when your children fight. I read something the other day that stopped me cold and helped me change that. It talked about when a mother or a father – when a parent – yells at a child, she is communicating one thing and one thing only and that is “Calm me down! Calm ME down!” So when I’m yelling at my little boys, all I’m really saying is “I need to feel better, calm ME down!” So if they start fighting when I get home, and I’m taking this change challenge, I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to yell at them. I might start laughing. I might sit down and calmly talk to them or I might take one by one hand and one by the other hand and say “Let’s see if we can work this out.” So today’s change challenge is: change the way you always react to something.

If you take the change challenge, we would love to hear from you! E-mail your experience to studio5@ksl.com (send pictures if you have ‘em!). If we share your response on air, you will win a copy of Amanda’s book “Change it Up!”

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