Celebrate the Success of Others

This month on Studio 5 our goal is to clap, cheer, and acknowledge the things that others do well – both in our hearts and in our actions.

We love this quote we found by Stephanie Sheaffer: “When your friends make it, when they’re up there among the stars … celebrate them … clap … scream your lungs out … cheer … give them more ideas so they can shine even brighter.”

CLICK HERE to download printable quote.

So, we want to hear from you. Whose success could you celebrate? Maybe it’s the friend whose children always get straight A’s. The sister who gets to go on the trip of a lifetime. Or the college roommate who struck gold with her brilliant idea. Whoever it is, give them a shout-out on Instagram.

1. Write down their name.
2. Snap a photo
3. Post to the Instagram hashtag #celebrate others.

We know that not everybody uses Instagram – and that’s okay. Social media is just ONE way to get involved with this month’s theme, but there are LOTS of personal ways.

· Speak glowingly about them in conversation with others.
· Recommend their business to a friend.
· Call them up with no other purpose than to let them bask in their good news.
· Cheer them on in your thoughts.
· Drop them a note in the mail.