celebrate your graduate

Celebrate your graduate! 3 projects that will make them feel special

These are some cute ways to celebrate your graduate.

We can all remember that feeling of graduating and “joining the real world,” and we all know someone who has done the work to make the walk this year. It could be a grandson or a granddaughter. It could be the young person who lives on your street. To them we say “Cap & Cheer” with three different ways to celebrate the graduate.

Darcie Liptrot has themed them all on the icon of the graduation cap.

Find more ideas from Darcie on Instagram, @darciedoesstuff.



Darcie Liptrot is a life-long crafter and creator of all things home and happy. With over 25 years of experience in the crafting industry, she specializes in making the DIY movement more accessible to the community around her. Darcie hails from Syracuse, Utah where she loves doing “all the stuff”. Follow her on Instagram @darciedoesstuff, and let’s do stuff together. 

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