Certified Organic Compost for Home Gardens

Kim Peterson is an avid home gardener and also part of the family business that has created Oakdell Egg Farms Organic Compost.

Oakdell Egg Farms (www.oakdell.com), a family farming business that has grown over the past 100 years to become a very significant egg supplier in the Intermountain Northwest, officially launched its chicken manure-based organic compost product this spring.

Oakdell Egg Farms Organic Compost, the official compost of Thanksgiving Point, and the only Rodale certified organic compost manufactured in Utah is an all natural, multi-purpose and pleasant earthy-smelling product ideal for vegetable gardens, flower beds, trees, potted plants and lawn fertilization. It is scientifically formulated to increase the biological complexity of soil by supplying a multitude of micronutrients that build organic matter in the soil.

“Through our rigorous testing process and by using premium ingredients, we have learned the art and science of manufacturing an organic compost that can help provide essential nutrients to help improve even the most depleted of soils – from clay to sand,” said Cliff Lillywhite, co-owner of Oakdell Egg Farms. “Using Oakdell’s Organic Compost that is rich in nutrients and full of essential trace minerals and microbial life can be a very important step to naturally enrich and prepare soil for the planting season.”

Oakdell Eggs Farms believes that every plant deserves a good start. This multi-purpose organic compost contains many of the necessary nutrients to help plants reach their full potential by:

• helping to improve overall quality of soil

• increasing the biological complexity of the soil

• providing a nutrient rich soil amendment

• reducing the need for chemical fertilizers

• helping soil retain moisture

• improving aeration to allow plant roots to receive more oxygen

• promoting environmental sustainability

Ask for it at your local garden supply store. Oakdell’s Organic Compost is available at J&J Garden Center in Layton, J&L Garden Center in Bountiful, IFA stores in Utah and many other independent nurseries and retailers along the Wasatch Front, as well as in Idaho and Nevada. Please visit www.oakdell.com for more information and a complete listing of retailers.

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