Chair Flair


It’s the most fabulous thing on four legs! That old kitchen chair has character. Or a family connection. Now it can have a new place as a conversation piece in your home.

Studio 5 contributor Jennifer Heslop has five fresh ideas for giving a kitchen chair new flair!

· Small scale chairs can be hung as shelves. Hang the entire chair, or get creative and cut the chair down. Use only the side pieces or half the chair.

· Ladder-back chair backs or the legs and spindles of a chair make great towel racks.

· Make a belt, scarf or necklace organizer by removing the back of the chair and add the hook from a clothes hanger.

· Make a footstool by removing the back of the chair, cutting down the legs, and adding a cushion to the seat.

· Chairs make interesting side tables and bedside tables. Consider mounting a drawer underneath the seat or adding a swing-arm style lamp.

· Spray paint a metal folding chair. Makes a great magnet board or mudroom chair.

· Hang a folding chair flat against a wall. Make the seat into a message center by adding cork, chalkboard paint, or simply use push-pins directly into the seat.

· Use a child’s chair as a part of your patio dining tablescape. Stack plates on the seat, etc.

· If the chair is missing its seat, insert a plant into the opening and use on your porch. Find a tray or a basket that will fit in the opening and use the chair as a mudroom catch-all, or simply use the opening to corral umbrellas or wrapping paper.

· Make a bench, by lining up 3 chairs of identical size and replacing the seats with a long board.

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