Charly, Ten Years Later

In the pantheon of motion picture releases, occasionally comes a movie that
just won’t let go of you. These films resonate with their audiences on
different levels and in different ways, but resonate they do to the point where
they become part of the tapestry of the lives of those who have seen them.
Charly is one such film.

Lance Williams is the producer who originally brought the story to life and
now is helping create a bigger and better Charly for the re-release.

Originally released in 2002, Charly is now poised for an encore celebration.
With legions of fans worldwide, Charly was not only wildly popular at the box
office during its initial release, it continues to be one of the all time best
selling home video releases in its genre. From book to screen to video,
Charly has stood the test of time and amassed a faithful fan base that will
now have the opportunity to see it again on the big screen.

The filmmakers teamed up to make Charly with the clear intent to create the
best film possible. They were relentless in being true to Jack Weyland’s story
and to the fans who loved it so much. The result was a film that not only
satisfied the original author, it was an immediate hit with the public and they
showed their support by going back to see it time and time again.

Ten Years On

Through the ensuing years after Charly’s release, and after many requests
from the audience to bring it back to the big screen, the decision was made
to rerelease the film on its tenth anniversary. Upon revisiting the movie in
anticipation of the encore presentation, it was decided that besides digitally
remastering the film, new material would be created that the filmmakers
didn’t have the budget, the opportunity or the creative insight (at the time) to

West Ridge Academy, a non profit organization that helps troubled youth,
joined the reissue effort as the above the title sponsor to bring its
considerable reputation to bear on getting the word out to the community.
For its support, a percentage of the revenue generated through the rerelease
of Charly will go back to West Ridge Academy.

The 10th Anniversary Encore release will feature many new “moments” that
will surely entertain the audience. The film that audiences will see beginning
in August will not just be the original work dusted off and reshown. It will be
an updated and enhanced version without loosing a single nuance of the
original. Moviegoers are in for a special experience when the lights go down
and the curtain goes up on Charly, ten years later.

Charly will be re-released on August 10 at Megaplex Theatres. For more
information visit

Meet the film’s title sponsor at

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